It’s Liam’s Gotcha Day!

Eight years ago today I met my youngest son for the very first time. He was almost two years old when we first met. We named him William Jackson Mullins. I remember on that day how scared I was. I remember how beautiful and how sweet he looked. I remember trying so hard to remain calm because I didn’t want to scare him. I remember immediately falling in love with him.

I remember thinking, “I will never forget this special day.”

It was such a special day and we look forward every year to celebrating God’s goodness in bringing Liam into our family. If you don’t know, adoptive families often celebrate the day of adoption kind of like a mini birthday party. It’s called a “gotcha day.” In our case, we celebrate the day we brought Liam home (we legally adopted him a few months later here in America).

As I have been looking forward to this day, I have been thinking about the beauty of our family’s adoption story. It also reminds me of the fact that all Christians have an adoption story. Here are three things regarding your adoption in Christ that you can celebrate today!

You have an adoption story

If you are saved then you have a “gotcha day” just like Liam does. Romans chapter 8 verses 14 -16 tells us that we were in bondage to the law until we received the Spirit of adoption. When we were saved we were adopted by God and entered immediately into His family.

There have been a few times when someone asked “ Is Liam adopted?” I always answer with “He was adopted.” There was a time when he did not have a family but that time is long past. He was adopted, but now he is just part of our family like every other family member. If you are saved, then God is your Father for all of eternity.

It was quite a process for us to adopt Liam. It took a lot of money, a lot of paperwork, years of waiting and many miles of travel to bring him home. If you have walked with us through that process there is no doubt to you how very much we love Liam and how precious he is to us. As much as it cost us to adopt, it cost the Father so much more to adopt us. It took sending His only Son here to this broken, dirty earth. It took the cross.

If we understand our adoption rightly and focus daily on the cross, there can be no doubt of the Father’s love for us. There can be no question that whatever we are going through right now is happening under his watchful eye. With this focus, we can rest assured that we are precious to Him, and as a loving Father, He is caring for us even in our toughest situation.

You are joint heirs with Christ

Not only are we adopted into the family of our God but we are joint-heirs with Christ. One day we will enjoy the same inheritance that the Father has given to Jesus. We have already begun to enjoy some of those blessings such as salvation and our hope of heaven. One day our inheritance will be fully realized, but until then we are told we will suffer just as Christ did. Romans 8:17 says that we are joint heirs of Christ if indeed we suffer with Him.

We are faced with hardships as Christians. Some include things like persecution, losing friends or family members, giving up earthly pleasures, and for some giving their lives. It is helpful for our focus to be on our adoption into the family of God and our future inheritance. These things are temporary and our Spiritual family and Spiritual blessings are eternal. They can be devastatingly hard here on earth, but they are worth it in the end (Romans 8:18).

You are part of a bigger family

Our church just moved into a brand new beautiful building and lately, I have been more and more burdened to see every one of the people in my church as family members. When we understand our adoption into the family of God rightly we better understand our place in the family. Maybe you are a sister or brother to the person sitting next to at church on Sunday. Maybe you are a spiritual aunt or grandmother. Whoever you are sitting next to do you consider them family? How would it change the way we interact with the people at our church if we had this concept of adoption and spiritual family at the forefront of our minds?

I am so grateful today for Liam and how he daily reminds me of my own adoption story. Remember today that you have one too! You have a loving Father who went to great lengths to bring you into the family. He cares for you and loves you like a good Father. Not only that but today no matter what you face, you have the hope of your final inheritance with Christ Jesus. As we meditate on our adoption into the family of Christ, let us also remember we have family in other believers. That is a blessing to enjoy and a responsibility to view other Christians in this light.

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