The New Normal

My favorite moment of the day today. Lying on the grass gazing up at the sky through the still leafless tree branches. My whole family sitting on blankets all around me, eating, talking, playing, and enjoying the warm Spring weather. Along with night time games of hide and go seek, movie nights and more time in the Word of God as a family, this is our new normal.

The Silver Lining

Life right now is uncertain and our security has been rocked. We have seen how much our country can change in just a couple of weeks. It can be a little scary at times but there is also this unexpected silver lining. There are more people than I have ever seen walking in my neighborhood each day. More kids down at the community center playing basketball and riding their skateboards. I have seen in my own family how much more quality time we are spending together. I have a feeling this silver lining is showing itself to families and individuals all across the country in one way or another.

As many of us are forced to slow things down and stay inside our houses we are discovering blessings that were there all along. For me, it’s the blessing that has come from being more intentional with family time. For you it might be something different, but I bet there is something. Something that you want to keep in your life when the Coronavirus is just a memory. What is that “something” for you?

Refined Like Silver

This will pass. Things will go back to normal. But maybe not everything should. As we pass through the fire as a nation, God may use this time to purify the church, and to wake us up to the things that are most important. Psalm 66:10-12 says of the nation of Israel:

 For You, O God, have tested us;
You have refined us as silver is refined.
 You brought us into the net;
You laid affliction on our backs.
 You have caused men to ride over our heads;
We went through fire and through water;
But You brought us out to rich fulfillment.

They endured trial after trial and recognized that God was in control of every one of them. The Psalmist understands that God used these trials to refine the Isrealites like silver in a fire. In the end God brought them out of these trials to “rich fulfillment.”

Our Response

Have you recognized some silver linings in the middle of all of this chaos? If not I encourage you to begin to look for them each day. If you have already recognized some then Praise God for them. When all of this has passed and the dust settles, we will be able to go back to normal. For Christians it should be a new normal. One that remembers and applies what God is doing in our hearts during this time.

Praise Him Today For What He Is Doing

Today, as you begin to look around you and notice the blessings, praise God for what He is doing. Psalm 66 provides us with some beautiful and hope filled words to praise God with in verses 1-4. I can already see glimpses of the rich fulfillment for God’s people on the other side of this, can you?

Make a joyful shout to God, all the earth!
 Sing out the honor of His name;
Make His praise glorious.
 Say to God,
“How awesome are Your works!
Through the greatness of Your power
Your enemies shall submit themselves to You.
 All the earth shall worship You
And sing praises to You;
They shall sing praises to Your name.” Selah

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  1. Mary Ann says:

    That through the uncertainty we have the promise that He will never leave us or forsake us . Duet 31:6

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