Quarantined With Kids

Congratulations! With the extended school break due to Covid-19 you have been initiated into the wonderful world of homeschooling! Don’t worry, you’re not a bad mom if your initial reaction was terror as you read that email from the school pushing back the start date. And what! They also want you to teach your child at home??? If you think this sounds scarier than the virus itself, this blog post is for you. I have been a home school mom for many years and saying there have been ups and downs is an understatement. If you are wondering how you will get through the next few weeks, I got your back, Mama. Here are a few Biblical principles to cling to so that you will not only get through this, but come out the other side, a stronger, more Christ like mom.

God’s up to something

In the story of the world God is up to something on a global scale. I have no idea what it is, but the Bible shows us a pattern of God continually using events like this to redeem His people back to Himself. Covid-19 has been a part of the world’s story before the foundation of the world was even created.

Covid-19 and this quarantine are also part of your story. They have been since before you were born. The question is what is God up to when it comes to the story of your life? The Bible says that we can know God will use our suffering (big and small) to glorify Himself and to work good in our lives. None of this quarantine time will be wasted because He is making you more like Christ. (Romans 8:28-30)

The challenge for us is to pay attention. Examine our hearts and see what He is up to.

He is making you more like Christ

Your schedule change and extra time with your kids might be difficult at times but none of it will be wasted. I will go so far to say it might be exactly what you need right now. As new pressures are introduced into our lives, sin that has been lying dormant is often exposed. You might not be used to teaching your kids at the kitchen table. Your kids might not be used to having mom as teacher. This may create conflict and frustration on both sides. It will be tempting to think during the next few weeks that our kids are making us angry or frustrated. The truth is the anger was already there in our hearts waiting to come out.

Matthew 15:18-19

But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart…For out of the heart comes evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander.

Why new pressures are a blessing

Simply stated, new pressures will make us better moms. This is because they will expose sin that is already in our hearts and needs to be dealt with. God may plan on using your children as tools to uncover hidden struggles over the next couple of weeks. Mamas we have two choices here; we can excuse our anger, impatience and frustration by blaming it on the quarantine or on our children or we can see these tools as blessings that God is up to something good in our lives. If we choose to see our children as the source of our sins, how will that fuel our responses? What if we choose to see our children as God’s grace in our lives to help make us better moms, better people, and ultimately more like Christ?

What will your response be?

Our perspective is powerful, and our thoughts fuel our responses. As Christian moms we don’t have to give into the attitude that our children are a burden or an inconvenience. They are a blessing from God and a tool to make us more like Christ. Let’s take this extra time to examine our hearts and see what God is up to in our lives right now. Our normal schedule might be no where in view right now, but what if we chose to embrace the new schedule that God has brought our way? What if we chose to allow God to work out some of these sin issues that would make us better moms this coming year? If we do, I’m confident we will look back and see that this time was not wasted.

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